Social Marketing Benefits Small Businesses Online

social marketingbenefitsSocial marketing benefits small businesses online by being able to almost instantly bring your site or squeeze page traffic. Since this is what drives your entire Internet company you can have the prettiest website and opt in page on the planet, but without any traffic to them your business will continually cost your cash. Eventually is will not be worth the effort and you will go on to the next shinny object that comes out.

Today’s Savvy Online Customer is Not Easily Fooled

Social media marketing can fit many online sites today. The top ones most people are knowledgeable about are Twitter and Instagram to name a few. These sites have millions upon millions of account holders that can in a second be connect to the other side of the planet.  With also their account consisting of a possible few million subscribers you can imagine what Tweeting out a Tweet with a good review of a sponsored product could bring in money value to the Tweeter. And this is just one social market account too.

News travels fast, so the best way to go about this method of growing your online presence and bringing in some of those dollars into your pockets is to have a tested system that is easy to use and also hooks up some of the best websites to all interconnect and run on automatic. The work is in first setting up all the necessary parts. But once that is done you can just sit back and manage your business.

Positive Social Signals Can Grow Your Brand

This also lets you move into another marketing arena or start a similar campaign if the first one proves to be profitable. With new software and WordPress plugins coming out all the time, it has become a lot easier and less expensive for a marketer to save a ton of time with the social media side of the operations.

We will be expanding on this subject in the coming days and months. It is very exciting times as even in only a few years developers have answered the call of the online entrepreneur with information on what it working today. As people get more insensitive or numb to ads they see every day, we have to keep on coming up with new ideas that will first grab their attention in a world where we see on average up to 300 advertisements per day.

After grabbing their attention next we have to get them excited and hit the “Buy” button if you are going after physical products as an example in money marketing. Or send them a free ebook fpr opting into our autoresponder series. Maybe even a link to a video for more information. Since everyone has their own trigger, give them as many chances as you can once you have them on your squeeze page in relationship marketing.

Convince Site Visitors to Take Action

All of this of course comes into play “after” you get them to act on something in all of your social market accounts. It is also a great way for your followers to get to know you. People that connect with you will stay with you for many years. Allowing you to send them multiple offers. It sure is a lot easier and conversion rates will be much higher for people that have gotten to know you and may even connect with you on multiple social accounts.

Like we said more on the details later. We just wanted to give you some starter ideas to get the juices flowing. There will be some things that we think will benefit your business greatly as we move through more posts on this blog.

Email Marketing Benefits for Your Business

email marketing benefitsKnowing email marketing benefits for your business is vital as it is a secret of most of the top gurus that this is how they make most of their yearly income. Yes, if you have been around a while or just learning the ins and outs of where to find great value in digital products as they are launched, you will find them on sites that promote them. But the big money comes from once you are on list, you are there forever or until you decide to unsubscribe.

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Now just think of this for a moment. What would you rather do? Keep spending advertising dollars each and every month on finding new prospects. Or have a very responsive list that knows and trusts you as giving them great value in the emails they send out in the autoresponder messages. Maybe they come across a new product that their list subscribers will benefit from and send out a broadcast message to everyone that day. But no  matter how the business person decides to work it. It is much easier and a lot less expensive to have a list of people who you can send value packed information to and make commissions.

Work Smarter Not Harder

People will actually like it and maybe even thank you for helping them grow an online income as you are very careful in selecting the information product or software affiliate link so it makes it easier or saves them time.

There are many things to think about when you have a list. One of them is how exactly are you going to promote to them. Are you going to be in a relationship mode or are you going to be in a churn and burn mode to your customers? By this I mean if you build a relationship you will let you list know in the email series that you really care about them by crafting well thought out messages. If you decide to go the churn and burn route then you keep sending emails that have affiliate links in them day after day and play the numbers game.

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The relationship model takes a longer time, but also you do not lose as many subscribers along the way. They could stay on your email list for many years if they think you are providing value to them. They look forward each day to opening up their inbox to see your name. The churn and burn method you will have to keep on buying leads or doing free lead methods consistently as customers will burn out fast and unsubscribe because they only see affiliate links and not much value. But churn and burn method will make you quicker money. So you make the call.

Autoresponder Messages for Your Business

Now I hope you can see the benefits of a great email list. It is a general rule that every person in your autoresponder is worth about one dollar per month.  This probably won’t be true until you can get a good customer sample. By this I mean possibly one thousand people. One hundred people is way too small to give you a good sample. Sure you make make some sales but your income per month could vary greatly. If you really want to build a nice business with email marketing. Then you need to get into a great program made by people who have been through all the trials. This information to you will be priceless in as little as only a few months time if you watch the videos and follow the directions.

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Email Marketing Basics

email marketing basicsBefore you can generate a real nice monthly income you certainly need to know email marketing basics. This type of revenue does depend on your business model along with various other factors, and if you talk to some major marketers they will tell you that their list of addresses is the most important asset that they have.

Maybe you have other streams of money coming in like an Amazon affiliate account or dabble in Clickbank products for which you get paid commissions every two weeks once you reach the $100 mark. Cash is king no matter how it comes in, and hopefully on a consistent basis too. But you have to figure out ways to work smarter not harder. Time is money, so if you are running a one person home business, sooner or later you will run out of time. This will only limit the growth of which you thought was going to be a six figure income. Instead you are every day playing the Google ranking game depending how they wake up that day.

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Having a high ranking affiliate page is great. But what if one day it gets delisted and all of your hard work is down the tubes! This is exactly where it is vital that you build up a list of people who you can send emails to and give value so they can learn the ropes. And in these autoresponder messages you skillfully input links they can click on to build their online presence.

If your list is big enough all you would need to do is to compose and email to them, send it out and check your account for the jingle in it. Now doesn’t that sound like a better plan than to be at the mercy of search engines? I would take that as a “YES”.

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This is not at all hard to set up and run on autopilot either. Sure there is some work involved in setting up your funnel such as a squeeze page and messages. But once that is done you can go on vacation and it will work for you 24/7.

What if you had a complete training and system that is set up by someone that is responsible for over $50,000,000 in sales in the past few years? don’t you think these people know what they are talking about? Just click the link below and watch a short video on how easy and profitable this type of marketing is. If you have never looked into email marketing before, please do yourself a favor now.

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How to Get Local Business Leads on Automatic

Your local business is always on the lookout for local business leads. It is the lifeblood of any business besides getting customer referrals. Having to always hunt for new potential customers for a local busines owner is most times a pain. All they want to do and what they are good at is providing their customers with great service and a fair price. Most business owners do not understand much about online lead generation techniques, so their preferred method is to leave it up to the professionals and pay a small sum to get leads coming in on a continuing basis.

local lead generationBut here is the trick. How can this be accomplished without having to spend a large amount of money that only will cut into profits. Profits that seem to always be diminishing every day. All business owners do know that they will have to spend some profits on advertising. But which method of advertising will bring in the most bang for the advertising buck is the million dollar question.

What Local Leads Branding is Best

You as a local business owner can test the waters in many ways. Is television ads, radio advertising, newspapers the way to go? Well all of these certainly can work. But in today’s online world your local business needs an online presence in order to bring in those cherished leads day in and day out.

When potential customers need a service the first thing they do is do an online search. When the organic results come up, which are the 10 results on the first page. The potential customer will quickly scan over them and click on the one they think is best for them. They do not usually go to the second page. Or even get half way down the page before making a decision. It is for this reason that your local business better make sure you have at least one if not more search results in the top 5 positions.

When customers click over to hopefully your site they may or may not go further into the research mode. Most times a quick scan of your site to see if it looks professional is good enough to contact you for a quote. This is where even still a lot of local businesses fail. They don’t have an easy way for these people who are ready  to pay for a service get in touch with them will some vital information that the business owner can review and contact the customer with an information provided.

Potential Paying Customer Lead Generation

Take for example a roofer. Don’t you think that if a potential paying customer that has a leak in their roof would like to see a form on the site with some easy to fill out fields and let the business owner know exactly what kind of quote they need? A form where the customer can also add a photo of the required roof leak repair is even better. These forms once filled out will be automatically emailed to the local roofing contractor. They can then immediately contact the customer and set up an appointment to check out the roof repair and hopefully close the sale.

Now, how easy was that? The customer is happy as they did a search in which the site came up in the results. They clicked and liked the site so they filled out the form. The form was sent over to the roofers email, who in turn contacted the customer and set up an appointment. Yes folks, all local leads done mostly on automatic!

The business owner doesn’t want to know all the techie stuff, they just want local leads to keep coming in day in and day out. And they are willing to pay the lead generation company in a few various ways to keep them coming in. Options include pay a flat rate per lead, pay a percentage of the job to the lead generation company, lease the lead gen site on a monthly basis, or even offer to outright buy the site from the lead generation company.

Everyone is happy, not to mention the best business deals are those that everyone wins. The roof gets fixed and the local roofing company  provides great service at a fair price.

If you have a local business and would like to know more, please contact us at localleadgenpro(at) We would like to speak with you about out services.

Thank you for your time.

Easiest CPA Company to Get Accepted To

easiest cpa company to get acceptedOne of the easiest CPA companies to get accepted to is a company called Market Health. They have been around for a long time and have recently updated the affiliate website with lots of cool back office metrics for you to use. Market Health specializes in what the name infers and that is health related CPA offers. Unlike some of the CPA companies out there everyone can sign up to. Do not think that they are a second rate offers company though. They offer everything that a CPA company has where you have to jump through hoops for a sign up and then go through a call from a company affiliate acceptance manager that can ask you questions.

Get Accepted to CPA Companies by Being Truthful

Be prepare to answer these questions honestly and truthfully if you decide to sign up with one of these companies too. This is why if you are just starting out with CPA marketing and have no track record or sales to show for yourself it is a good idea to get to know how the industry works. As the questions may include what is your monthly income, how are you promoting CPA offers with other networks that you belong to, what are some of the other CPA networks you belong to. And you may even be asked to give them the contact information of your affiliate manager of the company you currently work with. So with this being said it is a good idea to start out with a company like Market Health.

Also they know that a lot of people that do sign up are newbies to the CPA industry so they are trained in helping new people out. Remember too that your affiliate manager is paid by the performance of the people they manage, so the more money you make the more money they make too. Once you do sign up with Market Health don’t try to go it alone. Contact your Market Health affiliate manager and ask them what current offers are converting the best. You may wish to target a specific country so just let them know that or go into your back office and do a quick search yourself before you contact them.

CPA Offers Have Rules You Must Abide By

CPA offers do have rules that you have to abide by such as the way you are to market the offers which is set by each of the advertising companies themselves. Some may say that you can not market the offers on Twitter or Facebook. While others may be specifically set up to market on the social media sites. Once you find an offer that you would like to promote then all you need to do is to click on the links that take you to each offer page. There you will find all the details you need to help you decide on the products.

Some products may have a series of banner ads all ready to go. Just click on the tab and it will show you all the advertiser approved banners and sizes. This varies by product with banner sizes of all kinds. Copy the code which will have your affiliate information already embedded into the code and then copy it to your website or send it to an ad manager.

Market Health is one of the easiest CPA companies to get accepted into but it is also not the only one. Do a search online and you will find a ton of them to check out. But Market Health has been around for a long time and has the history to back it up. Get your feet wet and then if you want to, move on to other companies with different offers to promote. Check out Market Health website by clicking the link below to find out more.